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Managing GPS Data

With the recent introduction of several new models such as the 62s ans 78s, you’ll also need to update your software to Basecamp, as Mapsource is no longer supported by these models. Basecamp is available as a free download from the Garmin Website and has extended functionality, such as photo geo-tagging and satellite image management (with a Garmin BirdsEye account). The full features of basecamp are:

  • View 24K or 100K topographic maps and other topographic data.
  • Displays maps in 2-D or 3-D, including elevation profiles.
  • View and rotate maps at any angle.
  • Create waypoints and routes on your computer and transfer maps, waypoints, routes, tracks and geotagged photos between your computer and device.
  • Transfers satellite images to your device (with the purchase of BirdsEye™ Satellite Imagery subscription).
  • Shows animated playback of routes and tracks over time.
  • Supports geotagged photos.
  • Easily organize data into folders.
  • Prints full-page, color maps.
  • Exports user data for viewing in Google Earth™.
  • Includes advanced geocaching support; can import data from

Basecamp Screenshot

Garmin Basecamp

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