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We have produced the most up-to-date and high detailed map of Cambodia showing the latest roads, rivers, villages, districts and other important information that can be uploaded to Garmin’s line of map-capable units. Our also feature turn-by-turn navigation and voice prompts (nuvi range only). Our maps are constantly being updated with new content so you can be assured of having the most up to date maps for your navigation needs.


  • Around 30,000 points of interest including hotels, restaurants, bars and attractions
  • All 25 provincial towns covered in detail
  • Over 52,000 km of roads
  • New bridges and routes
  • Over 70,000 km of tracks – perfect for offroad riding
  • Ferry crossings

! Important Note !: We work closely with Garmin Corporation, as their Sole Authorized Distributor for Cambodia and Laos to prepare our maps.

How much does the map cost ?

The cost for our map is US$50 including 10% VAT (if applicable).

How can I pay for the map ?

By Pay Pal:

Cambodia Map for Garmin GPS
Your Email Address:

** Please note you will need to email us your Unit ID after payment has been made **

In person:

You can also purchase the map from our shop in Phnom Penh. You can find us here

Have a question about our map ? Please get in touch

Which units is the map compatible with ?

Our map should be compatible with all Garmin units.

Can the map be viewed in Basecamp ?

Right now, we do not have an installer for the map. We plan to add support for this soon.

Unit Screenshots

Detailed View, Phnom Penh

Detailed View, Phnom Penh

Navigation with turn-by-turn instructions

Navigation with turn-by-turn instructions

Kampong Cham City

Kampong Cham City



















Detailed Listings


Many POIs

Koh Kong Town

Koh Kong Town

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