Forest & Land Cover Mapping

Aruna Technology has extensive experience in Forest and Land Cover mapping using satellite imagery and specialised software such as eCognition and PCI Geomatics. We are at the fore of forest cover assessment for REDD and VCS in Cambodia and Laos and are involved in a number of ongoing projects. Read more…


We are at the fore of forest cover assessment for REDD in Cambodia and Laos and are involved in a number of ongoing projects.

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) is a mechanism that establishes incentives for developing countries to protect and better manage their forest resources by creating a financial value for sequestration of the carbon stored in forests. Read more…

GIS Consultancy

Aruna Technology offers a full suite of GIS consulting services that incorporate the latest technological advancements with professional knowledge and experience. Whatever your needs, whether it be natural resource mapping and management, environmental planning, conservation, sustainable development or civil engineering and public works, we can offer you the latest GIS technologies to accomplish your goals. Read more…

Remote Sensing and Image Processing

Remote sensing systems provide a repetitive and consistent view of the Earth that is invaluable to monitoring the Earth system and the effect of human activities on the Earth. Image processing may be considered to be the act of turning the raw data into useful and meaningful information. Read more…


Aruna Technology offer a full range of survey services including control survey, engineering survey, topographic survey and cadastral survey. We use the latest equipment from leading manufacturers and follow international best practice to ensure high quality results. Read more…


We have a number of senior staff who can deliver training courses in GIS, GPS and image processing, as well as ESRI and PCI Geomatica courses. Courses can be held at our modern computer training facility or we can come to your office or site. The trainings can be delivered in Khmer or English language. Read more…

Web Mapping

Web Mapping is changing the way people access, visualize and interact with maps and spatial information. The key benefit of Web Mapping is that it takes information that was previously in the hands of a few specialists with complicated software to the hands of anyone with a computer, web browser and a few minutes of instruction. Read more…


Aruna Technology specializes in the following technical areas:

  • Forest and Land cover mapping
  • GIS Consultancy
  • Remote Sensing and image processing
  • Surveying (land survey and engineering survey)
  • GIS  and GPS Training
  • Web Mapping

ArcGIS Server Basic Configurations

In case you’ve found ArcGIS Server configuration options confusing, here is a diagram of some basic configurations for an entry level ArcGIS Server setup. Any questions or comments ? Please Contact Us for more info.

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