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Boeung Tumpun Development Plan

I drove past this sign on National Road Number 2, which details the plans for Boeung Tumpun, including construction of new roads, canals and reduction in the lake area.

Boeung Tumpun Development Sign, NR2

Based on this sign, I’ve drawn up a rough sketch of the boundaries, which can be viewed in the context of the current ground situation in Google Maps:,104.928017&spn=0.047519,0.084543

Boeung Tumpun Development Map




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Using Khmer Unicode font with ArcGIS 10

1. Go to Start  >  Run, then  type “regedit”

2. Under Registry on the left hand side go to My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ESRI\Desktop 10.0″

3. Right click on “Desktop 10.0” add new key “Common”

3 Right click on “Common” add new key “CodePage”

4 On Codepage key add new string value “dbfDefault”

5 Right click on string value “dbfDefault” modify it value field to “UTF-8”


Editing the Registry

6. Reopen Arcgis and then try to edit attribute table by typing Khmer character.

Khmer Unicode Map Labels

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Launch of Cambodia Land and Environment Atlas

Commencing in December 2010, the Cambodia Land and Environment Atlas and Resource (CLEAR) has sought to compile the best available spatial information on agriculture, soils, climate, environment and land use in Cambodia. Project partners Aruna Technology, have been responsible to identifying and compiling relevant data and preparing it for publication. Project partners aWhere, based in the United States have been responsible for packaging the data into a spatial viewer that allows the interactive discovery and analysis of spatial information.

The product was officially launched by the Australian Ambassador to Cambodia, H.E. Penny Richards on the 10th June 2011. The event was well attended by nearly 100 representatives from the government, NGO’s and the private sector. CLEAR is available free of charge from Aruna Technology. Please contact us to obtain a DVD copy of the application. You can also read more about CLEAR here:

Australian Ambassador, HE Penny Richards at the Launch of CLEAR

CLEAR DVD, available from Aruna Technology












An excerpt of the press release from the Australian Embassy is below.

Around 130,000 Cambodian farmers will benefit from Australia’s five year Cambodia Agricultural Value Chain (CAVAC) program which began in 2010. The program will help boost farmers’ incomes by increasing the value of agricultural production, with a focus on rice, fruit and vegetable farming in Kampong Thom, Kampot and Takeo provinces. It will also provide employment for the poor.

The CAVAC program has supported the development of the Cambodian Land and Environment Atlas and Resource (CLEAR) which was launched today [10 June 2011]. CLEAR is a spatial database which will allow researchers and planners to analyse socioeconomic, climatic, soil and land-use data to support decisions on how to improve agricultural productivity and manage natural resources.

CLEAR was developed through a partnership with two private companies, using data contributed by the Royal Government of Cambodia. This is an example of how the CAVAC Program works with the Royal Government of Cambodia and private companies that are committed to improving long term support to rural farmers.
H.E. Ms Penny Richards, the Australian Ambassador to Cambodia, said “Australia has been supporting Cambodia’s farmers for 20 years and our assistance has contributed to rice yields more than doubling during this time. In 2011, a more dynamic and complex agriculture sector, with emerging markets for agricultural inputs, such as seeds and fertiliser, and opportunities for processing and export, requires a different type of support.



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