Satellite Imagery

Flooding Around Phnom Penh

Aruna Technology Ltd can supply satellite imagery from any satellite sensor, past or present in Cambodia and Laos. Whether it be a historical analysis of land cover or an up-to-the- minute city view, we can meet your imaging needs.  We are authorised distributors of Digital Globe (WorldView, GeoEye and IKONOS), RapidEye and SPOT satellite imagery and can acquire any other imagery on your behalf.

We also offer comprehensive image processing services, including ground control point (GCP) collection, image ortho-rectification, radiometric correction and pan-sharpening. Our image analysis services include image segmentation and classification, DEM production from stereo pairs, mosaics and feature extraction.

In addition, we offer the following services;

Four Different Image Enhancements of the Tonle Sap

Image Interpretation / Classification

Known as the automatic assignment of pixels in an image into land cover classes of themes, imagery can be classified spectrally, spatially and temporally. By comparing pixels to one another, it is possible to assemble groups of similar pixels into classes that match the categories of interest to a user. The values presented to the computer to characterize any one pixel corresponds to the amount of energy radiated, that is, reflected or emitted from a ground area and capture by the scanners instantaneous field of view. These classes form regions on a map or image.

Formation of GIS Data Layers

Once an image has been classified into more manageable classes or categories, it is a relatively simple process to convert these “groupings of similar pixels’ into vector data layers for use in a GIS. This process can be automated, or the imagery can be used as a backdrop for digitizing.

Land Use Mapping

Using either aerial photographs or high resolution satellite imagery in combination with existing hardcopy or GIS data sources, Aruna Technology Ltd. has much experience in the production of land use maps. This is achieved through the deployment of a field team to the study region, such that field-checking activities result in the most up-to-date and accurate value added land use maps.

ArcGIS Server Basic Configurations

In case you’ve found ArcGIS Server configuration options confusing, here is a digram of some basic configurations for an entry level ArcGIS Server setup. Any questions or comments ? Please Contact Us for more info.

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