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ESRI Technical Certification

As of January 2011, the ESRI Technical Certification program is open. According to ESRI

Esri set the industry benchmark for GIS technology. Now, we’re setting a standard for users, establishing a community of individuals who’ve demonstrated their proficiency in using Esri software. This raises the bar for ArcGIS skills.

The new program is designed to

  • Create a community of professionals proficient in using Esri software that can design, implement, and administer a successful geographic information system (GIS).
  • Help organizations maximize their investment in Esri products by employing a workforce certified in GIS best practices.
  • Create professional development opportunities for Esri software users.
  • Help companies, government agencies, and other organizations assess job candidates’ GIS skills and abilities.
  • Give Esri software users, GIS consultants and instructors, and Esri partners the opportunity to differentiate themselves and their organizations with their unique qualifications.

The certification examinations, which will take about two hours to complete and include 90–95 multiple-choice questions, will be available  in English only. Please Contact Us for more information.

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ArcGIS 10 Training Now Available

ArcGIS 10 Training is now available at Aruna Technology. The new course will introduce you to the new features and workflows of ArcGIS 10. Aruna is offering three desktop courses in ArcGIS 10;

  • ArcGIS Desktop 1: Getting Started with GIS
  • ArcGIS Desktop 2: Tools and Functionality
  • ArcGIS Desktop 3: GIS Workflows and Analysis

If you have already taken one of these courses in 9.x, you might consider taking a higher course based on the new version. Please Contact Us for more information. You can also get course information on the ESRI Training Site.

All of Aruna’s courses are based on matieral from ESRI. Our training center is an ESRI Authorized Learning Center and our instructors are certified to teach by ESRI.

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