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Using Feature Templates in ArcGIS

1. Create a new shapefile in ArcCatalog and set the coordinate system. In this example, I have created a polygon shapefile called landuse_2012.shp

2. Add the feature class landuse_2012.shp to ArcMap and open the attribute table. Notice that it has no features.

3. Add a field called LU_CODE with type Short integer

4. Add a field called LU_TYPE with type Text and Length 35

5. Delete the field called ID that was added by ArcGIS.

6. In the Table of Contents, right click on the layer and choose Properties -> Symbology

7. Change the symbology to Categories and the Field to LU_TYPE

8. Click the Add Values button, then enter the description of the first class, e.g. Forest

9. Then click Add to List

10. Change the Symbol to the desired color e.g. Green

11. Then repeat the process, adding new classes called “Water” and “Farmland”, for example

12. Click Ok to close the layer properties

13. Zoom to the area where you are digitizing new features

14. Make the Editor Toolbar visible and choose Editor -> Start Editing

15. Notice that in the Create Features window, the three classes are displayed

16. Now click the Organize Templates button

17. Select Farmland and click Properties

18. Set the LU_CODE field to 3

19. Click Ok and repeat the process for Water (LU_CODE = 2) and Forest (LU_CODE = 1).

20. In the Create Features window, select Farmland and in the Construction Tools window, select Polygon

21. Now draw a farmland polygon as desired

22. Create a single feature for each class. You will need to change the class in the Create Features Window to switch classes.

23. Stop editing and open the attribute table.

24. Notice that all features are fully attributed.

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