Remote Sensing and Image Processing

Thermal Image or "Heat Map" of Phnom Penh

Remote sensing systems provide a repetitive and consistent view of the Earth that is invaluable to monitoring the Earth system and the effect of human activities on the Earth. Important applications of remote sensing and imaging include:

  • Environmental assessment and monitoring
  • Forest Carbon Assessment
  • Change detection and monitoring
  • Agriculture
  • Non-renewable resource exploration
  • Renewable natural resources
  • Meteorology
  • Mapping
  • Military surveillance and reconnaissance
  • News media

Image processing may be considered to be the act of turning the raw data into useful and meaningful information. Image processing allows digital image data to be displayed, enhanced, analyzed or output in colour or grey scale format.

  • Enhancing the features of interest
  • Changing the image geometry
  • Extracting patterns
  • Removing noise
  • Reducing data volume

ArcGIS Server Basic Configurations

In case you’ve found ArcGIS Server configuration options confusing, here is a digram of some basic configurations for an entry level ArcGIS Server setup. Any questions or comments ? Please Contact Us for more info.

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