SPOT vs. SRTM DEM Comparison

Well I’ve finally manged to get my hands on some SPOT DEM data for Cambodia for a project in the Southern Cardamoms. Quite an improvement over the SRTM (90m) data.  The SPOT DEM has a resolution of 30m at the equator. From Astrium:

A SPOT DEM is a digital elevation model produced by automatic correlation of stereopairs acquired by the HRS instrument on SPOT 5.

Unlike a digital terrain model (DTM), which describes the distribution of terrain or “bare earth” heights, a DEM includes “first surface” elevations including vegetation and man-made structures.

SRTM DEM Detail. Scale approx 1:75,000

SPOT DEM Detail. Scale Approx. 1:75,000

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  1. Phil

    December 4th, 2014 at 1:07 am

    Would be highly interested in that data-set for a casual project, any ideas how “an indie developer” could get ahold of a copy for non-commercial/”no resale/reproduction” usage?

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