Who We Are

Online GIS

Web GIS is changing the way people access, visualize and interact with maps and spatial information.

Forest Carbon Assessment

Aruna works  with Forest Inventory and Planning Division at national level to provide technical support, training and QA/QC for production of national forest cover maps.

Remote Sensing

Remote sensing systems provide a repetitive and consistent view of the Earth that is invaluable to monitoring the Earth system and the effect of human activities on the Earth.

Land Survey

Aruna Technology offer a full range of survey services including control survey, engineering survey, topographic survey and cadastral survey.

Geomatics Specialists

We are Cambodia’s leading Geomatics firm, offering state of the art GIS, GPS, remote sensing and related technologies applied and adapted for use in the Greater Mekong Sub-region and beyond.

Our goal is to support national public and private sector institutions to utilize state-of-the-art technology for sustainable development. Aruna Technology supports the management of natural resource systems in Cambodia and the Greater Mekong Sub-region by providing the tools, expertise, training and experience to partner national agencies and staff.

GIS Experts

We are specialists in Online GIS, Enterprise GIS and Desktop GIS.

We provide services in the fields of Forest Carbon Assessment, Remote Sensing, GIS Consulting, Land Survey, Mapping and GIS Training.

We are also authorized distributors and suppliers of high quality survey equipment from Trimble, hand-held GPS from Garmin, GIS and Remote Sensing software from ESRI and PCI and satellite imagery from and Airbus Defense and and Space (SPOT, Pleiades). We are also Sensefly Partners, makers of the eBee Drones.