Boeung Tumpun Development Plan

I drove past this sign on National Road Number 2, which details the plans for Boeung Tumpun, including construction of new roads, canals and reduction in the lake area.

Boeung Tumpun Development Sign, NR2

Based on this sign, I’ve drawn up a rough sketch of the boundaries, which can be viewed in the context of the current ground situation in Google Maps:,104.928017&spn=0.047519,0.084543

Boeung Tumpun Development Map




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  1. Steve

    November 2nd, 2011 at 8:09 am

    Hey, I bike around the lake every once in a while and have noticed the same thing. It all started with them pushing sand onto the lake from an opening on the dike road (271). Apparently the project is the ‘Hen Sen Blvd’ project. Sometimes I blog about various serious construction activities because it gives me a chance to bike around the city and countryside –

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